S12 PUBG Mobile Trigger Controller Gamepad


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  • Always dreaming of winning PUBG games. This is the perfect weapon that everyone is looking for.
  • This complete package has everything you need to win the battle. From joystick, trigger and game pad. What else would you ask for? Great value for your money.
  • Our game grip pad is ergonomically designed that brings comfort even playing for long period of time. No more “Dead Phone”. You can play while charging. Our grip pad has holes on the side so you charge while playing. No more “Lost Battle” due to limited controls of your fingers. With these triggers (Left to Aim, Right to Shoot) combined with thumb joystick, you can maximize your fingers making it easy for you to control the game. You have the edge of winning.
  • We make sure that our products meet our costumer’s standard. Our metal triggers are highly sensitive and durable compared to the plastic triggers. And the amazing part is, it won’t leave any scratch marks on your phone.


S12 PUBG Mobile Trigger Controller Gamepad

S12 for PUBG, FORTNITE Mobile Gamepad Controller with L1R1 Shooter Trigger Fire Button Aim Key Joystick for iOS & Android Shooting Game

The Newly Launched Series by designed for PUBG, Knives Out, Rules of Survival, Survivor Royal, Critical Ops, and many more game lovers. In order to improve our customers’ game experience, we strongly recommend this new set of mobile gaming triggers,phone handles and mobile joystick. How to use? 1. Start your game, enter the settings. 2. Click control-interface-ui confing, enter customize button location interface. 3. Move the “FIRE” and “AIM” button to the top of corner, adjust them to a suitable location and size. 4. Install the triggers to your phone, make sure that the bottom of the conductive silicone is the “FIRE” and “AIM” button. 5. “Save” your settings and restart your game. Main Features: ☆More sensitive buttons that you can shoot the enemies quickly. ☆ Ergonomic and comfortable grip just enjoy your game. ☆Won’t block the Map PUBG game controller fit perfectly with 4.5-6.5 inch phones. ☆Compatible game, PUBG, Knives Out, Rules of Survival, Fortnite, Survivor Royale, Critical Ops. etc ☆No Power supply and driver needed, easy to use, high precision, high sensitive. Package Contents: 1 x Left Hand and 1 x Right Hand Mobile Attachment Trigger with Suction Cups 2 x Clips for Suction Cups Tips: 1. When the installation is completed, you need to lock your screen, start the game again and then these buttons will work normally. 2. According to different mobile phones models, It may have position deviation shown in the picture, please adjust your button in a comfortable way.

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