Rubber Pull Rope Exerciser Waist Reducer Body Shaper Trimmer

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  • Durable Elastic Rubber For Full Body Slimming and Strengthening Stomach, Waist Arms and Legs.
  • Builds and tones musclesCan be used anywhere in the home.
  • Contoured Foam Pedals and Handles gives you blister free workout
  • This Rubber Pull String will help you get in better shape without the need for a gym membership or the risk of lifting heavy weights.
  • Easy to Use and Carry Makes it Portable Perfect for your gym at home

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A Multi-functioning Pull Reducer Waist Reducer Of high elastic Rubber design improves blood circulation, reduces muscle flab, tones and conditions your body so that you look, fitter, trimmer and slimmer. Perform This Exerciser upper and lower back exercises. Exercise sitting on a rug or standing on the foam pedals, you can strengthen the leg muscles. Waist Reducer reduces your waist and Strengthens Abdominal and Lower Back muscles. Pull String Rubber Training Pull Exerciser can tone your back muscles, reduce belly fat, improve blood circulation and also improves your body posture. It increases the stamina, energy and vitality of the body. The elastic resistance of the Rubber Training Rope can be used to train and exercise in whichever way you want, according to your physical needs.

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