3×3 Rubik Cube – Learning Puzzle for Kids


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  • Super – durable, never – pop, high standard guaranteed – tested strictly, stays assembled and unharmed even after thrown hardly onto the ground purposely (for test) multiple times, never – pop structured and with angle blocks’ splicing technology, the cube is high quality made
  • Speed, smoother turning, best hand feel ever – enacfire cube is made of abs material, manufactured precisely to every inch, pre – lubricated, won’t fail you the speed and smooth experience
  • Adjustable tightness degree – quite easy to operate: open the centre piece, then you can see the screw, make it into the tightness degree you want with a driver
  • Moderate size to go with you anywhere – barely takes room throw into your bag or backpack, would be a great accompany when you’re on your train or bus home, break during long day work
  • Adjust the degree of tightness you wish – take off the middle piece of sticker of any colour then you can find the screw, drive it into the tightness degree you want


3×3 Rubik Cube – Learning Puzzle for Kids

Enjoy with super durable, never pop, high quality puzzle toy. This puzzle is designed with smooth surfaces, this cube can be easily and quickly turned without much effort. When your child solves this brain teaser, they should make sure that each side color matches perfectly. Playing with this amazing brain teaser cube helps in the development of logical reasoning capabilities, thinking skills and problem solving skills.

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