Spy Hidden Pen Camera – HD Video and Voice Recorder with USB port, memory card slot


Insert the Micro SD Memory Card


  • Gently, but firmly, slide the micro SD card into your pen slot (see illustration). You should feel solid resistance when the SD card is fully inserted into the pen. About 1/8″ of the SD card will show when it’s inserted correctly. You are now ready to use your pen.
  • Note: The Cam Pen will not work without the micro SD memory card. All recordings/photos are stored on the SD card.TIPS & TRICKS
  • Ensure the micro SD card is pushed in completely or it will not collect data from the recording session.
  • The indicator light will blink red to indicate an SD card error. (This typically means the SD card is inserted improperly.)
  • Your SD card’s memory capacity (2GB – 4GB – 8GB – 16GB) will determine how much data can be recorded while using the pen.
  • Your pen has a rechargeable lithium battery that can hold about 1.5 hours of recording time for both videos and photos.
  • neededSTEP 2 – TURN ON THE SPY PEN
  • Power up your pen by pressing the On/Off Button on the top of the pen (see illustration) for 2-3 seconds. (To power off, press On/Off Button for 6 seconds.)
  • Check the indicator light to ensure the pen has powered up properly. A SOLID GREEN indicator light will show the pen is on and in READY MODE.
  • READY MODE means you can start taking videos/photos.STEP 3 – START RECORDING VIDEO
  • From READY MODE start recording by pressing the On/Off Button for 2-3 seconds.
  • Check the indicator light. The light will blink several times to indicate that recording is about to begin.
  • Once recording begins the indicator light dims to a slow and steady blink. It should not attract attention during a re



  • Real Working Pen with Video and Sound Recording
  • Video Resolution: 720 x 480@30fps, AVI Format
  • Up to 32GB External Memory (micro SD /TF not included)
  • Audio and Video recorded together


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