3.5 inch External Hard Disk Enclosure – HDD Case for Laptop and Desktop Computer – SATA to USB 2.0


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Converts your 3.5 inch Hard Drive Disc into an External hard drive for more flexibility and convenience
Compatible Windows PC or Mac with Available USB 2.0 Port Note : For 3.5 inch Desktop HDD Only (Fits all the 3.5 inch Desktop IDE hard drive disk)
Hot-Swappable: Plug & Play Without Rebooting
Package Includes : 1x IDE HDD Enclosure, 1x Power Cable , 1x Power Adapter, 1x USB 2.0 Cable
Only Compatible with any Desktop 3.5″ SATA Hard Disk (Not for Laptop HDD)
Ultra fast transfer rate up to 480mbps with usb2.0 interface.
Aluminum casing effectively cools down your hard drive.
Hot swappable plug and play technology ensures Ease of use.
Fashionable and attractive Blue LED Indicates power/HDD activity.


Add extra memory to store your digital files by using this casing external hard disk drive from This high quality, strong-built external casing hard disk drive has been designed to store different types of digital files in a proper way. This handy hard drive eclosure features a smart aluminium metal body. This smart design protects this hard drive from over heating while the user needs to use for hours. The slim and sleek design of this portable hard drive helps it to slip inside different types of bags. To transfer files in this one designers have provided a high quality USB cord. The user needs to add one side of the cord in the USB port of the hard drive, and the other part with the computer, smart phone or tablet from where the user wants to transfer his digital files. This digital file storage device is compatible with the operating systems like Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, XP, VISTA, Windows 7. To make the file transferring task in this casing hard disk easier, designers have provided a screw driver, one USB cable with this silver casing hard disk. So now you can buy buy this external hard disk drive online and save as much data as you want. Special features This portable, light weight USB hard drive has been designed from aluminium metal It is compatible with operating systems like Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, XP, VISTA, Windows 7 This hard drive is expandable up to one terabyte Users can add this hard drive with smartphones, tablets, PCs to transfer different types of files in a jiffy. The SATA external hard disk casing features a USB port, which allows you to connect your device using a USB cable. This port is compatible with both USB 2.0 and 1.1 interfaces, making it even more convenient for you.

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